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PSN designed national early warning management system is suitable for a broad range of applications. It is highly flexible and able to serve a small community’s warning system up to a large scale, integrated regional or national warning system. It provides all necessary functions to maintain a secure, responsive and reliable public warning system capable to disseminate high priority warnings rapidly.

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The NEWS system design is based on an integrated national warning system concept with a hierarchical system architecture. It consists of a Regional /Community Control center and a National/Central Control Center. The Regional/Community Control Center is able to independently control, monitor and maintain a network of warning sirens. It is adequate for small scale communities or for larger regional warning systems. The National/Central Control Center is an optional higher-level control center. It manages and integrates all data from the Regional/Community Control Center to provide an integrated large/national scale public warning management system. The National/Central Control Center also functions as a backup control center, which is able to control, activate and monitor each warning siren directly without the assistance of the Regional/Community control center if it ever becomes unavailable due to natural disasters.


One of the most important components of an outdoor public warning system is a reliable communications system. The NEWS system incorporates both satellite and terrestrial communications networks to support redundant near real-time communications between control centers and warning sirens. In the event of an emergency, the control center sends activation commands through both networks in parallel to ensure prompt and reliable activation of warning sirens. In addition to the terrestrial networks, the NEWS system is also backed by the already proven Asia Cellular Satellite network which covers the Asia region. It provides reliable and secure satellite communications through the Garuda-1 satellite using a small, robust fixed terminal installed in each siren site. The small, 75′-beamwidth antenna ensures uninterrupted satellite communications despite any significant antenna misalignments, which can be caused by earthquakes or other disasters.


The NEWS system design is comprehensive and intended to meet the requirements of most public warning systems. But the system is also flexible and can be modified and customized to meet other requirements of a specific design. The control center can be expanded to accommodate additional future siren sites under its domain. The system also supports multiple control centers for a group of sites. This architecture, besides providing backup control centers, also allows multiple agencies/bodies to utilize the same network of warning sirens in a certain area for different purposes, provided that the activation protocols and privileges are similar.

Information :
The management system has a hierarchical architecture, consists of Regional Control Center and National Control Center that able to control, activate, monitor, and maintain the network of warning system.­­ The National Control Center is also able to directly access the Siren Site without the assistance of Regional Control Center.