IP Transit

Stable Internet Connection to the World

ip transit

IP Transit

Stable Internet Connection to the World

IP Transit is a global interconnection service to the Internet with full-featured Internet BGP routes and uses IP and AS (Autonomous System) blocks owned by customers. This service provides guaranteed dedicated bandwidth with a ratio of 1:1 to upstream providers.

PSN has a Network Access Point (NAP) license and has IP Transit services that provide a strong and reliable network infrastructure for international internet backbones to meet the increasing demand for Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Apart from using fiber optics as an IP backbone, PSN also has a complete satellite infrastructure with national coverage and provides a landing point in Hong Kong and direct connections to several global Internet providers.

IP Transit Features

Symmetric Bandwidth

Upload/Download bandwidth with the same speed​

High SLA

High level of SLA​ performance

International Peering

Global Internet connection with the fastest routing

IPv4/IPv6 Ready

Supports IP version 4 and version 6​

IP Transit Application


Provides Internet bandwidth for national or local Internet Service Providers (ISPs).


For Government Institutions that need the Internet for a reliable and secure data communication system


For companies in various industrial sectors that require the Internet to support the continuity of business processes