Territory Expansion Solutions Cellular Coverage

VSAT for Communications Cellular Services Backbone Anywhere throughout Indonesia

PSN provides backbone/backhaul for cellular network with interconnection of terrestrial stations via satellite relay, where data is sent from BTS (Based Transceiver Satellite) to BSC (Based Station Controller) and BSC to MSC (Mobile Switching Center) via other network or network link. internals. This system is implemented to reach areas in remote Indonesia that do not have a terrestrial telecommunications network.

PSN itself has been the main provider of satellite-based services for Cellular Backhaul since 2001 to the largest GSM operator in Indonesia that connects cellular networks throughout Indonesia, even to remote areas.

Cellular Backhaul

Cellular Backhaul Network via satellite can also be used as a backup network to anticipate disruption to the submarine cable system or upgrade and migrate existing network capacity more quickly.

Cellular Expansion

With Indonesia’s geography consisting of mountains and oceans, the need to combine satellite and terrestrial network systems to provide adequate cellular network coverage continues to increase. PSN in collaboration with several cellular operators in Indonesia has collaborated in expanding the cellular network using satellite technology to remote areas of Indonesia.