The most complete and integrated VSAT service solution to support your business to all corners of Indonesia

PSN’s Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) service is the right solution for data or internet communication needs to support corporate/office business by utilizing satellite technology.

PSN’s VSAT solution helps companies to reach/connect their business branches anywhere in Indonesia, even in remote locations.

VSAT services enable the provision of cost-effective, reliable and secure connectivity throughout the satellite coverage area with various types of services and bandwidth provided.


For Remote Area

VSAT services are suitable for remote areas, Remote areas (foremost, outermost and lagging regions) where terrestrial network (GSM/4G/Radio/FO) is not available.

Branch Office

VSAT services enables branch offices in any location to connect with headquarters to support work and communication system between branch offices.

VPN / Internet Access

VSAT provides internet or VPN access services for several locations with flexible bandwidth connection adjustable to business needs.


Single Carrier
Per Channel

VSAT SCPC PSN service using C-band spectrum is known for its reliability and has a high Service Level Agreement (SLA).

By using Single Channel per Carrier (SCPC) technology, this data communication service offers a connection with dedicated bandwidth for customers with guaranteed fast, stable and secure connectivity. The VSAT SCPC solution is designed for applications requiring high bandwidth, point-to-point connectivity in either symmetric or asymmetric configurations.

VSAT SCPC is generally used for applications that require a high level of reliability and security such as banking applications, emergency services and ERP implementations.

solusi vsat untuk bisnis

Wider Coverage

Wide coverage throughout Indonesia

ip transit

High SLA's

High SLA rate up to 99%

solusi vsat untuk bisnis

Dedicated Bandwidth

Dedicated bandwidth up to 100 Mbps

solusi vsat untuk bisnis


Stable and resistant to weather changes


The VSAT IP Broadband service uses the latest satellite internet technology based on High Throughput Satellite (HTS).

UBIQU is the latest Ku-Band IP Broadband VSAT service from PSN that offers a broadband connection with a smaller antenna device and a more affordable price.

UBIQU is a broadband internet service solution anywhere in Indonesia because it can serve up to areas where there is no terrestrial communication network such as radio, GSM, cable or fiber optic

Indonesia Coverage

Wide coverage throughout Indonesia from Sumatra - Papua

Up To 10 Mbps

Broadband internet access up to 10 Mbps Download and 1 M

Various Packages

Choice of various subscription packages with quota or unlimited FUP

New Technology

Latest Satellite Internet Technology with High Throughput Satellite

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