PSN to Place a new satellite on 146 E Degree

Pasifik Satelit Nusantara, a leading satellite based company that focuses on delivering a complete range of services through its innovation and best technology, announced today that it will place a new satellite on 146 degree E effectively in June 13, 2012. The new satellite is a result of cooperation with China Satellite Communications Co. Ltd. and will be renamed as PSN V.

This PSN V is equipped with C and Ku band transponders which strengthen PSN’s capability to serve the needs of its customer. This is in line with PSN’s tagline of Expanding the Limits, as PSN is always challenging the boundaries to offer the best efficient and effective solutions for its customer.

At the same time, PSN is also in finalizing its negotiations with a satellite manufacturer to prepare its new satellite, PSN VI, which will later on be placed on 146 degree E.

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