Cellular Backhaul

Solution for cellular coverage expansion for any place

Cellular Backhaul

VSAT backbone communication for cellular services anywhere in Indonesia.

By means of satellite relay, PSN provides backbone/backhaul for cellular network using terrestrial interconnection, in which the data are sent from BTS (Base Transceiver Satellite) to BSC (Base Station Controller) and from BSC to MSC (Mobile Switching Center) through internal or other networks. This system is intended to reach remote areas all over Indonesia yet to have terrestrial telecommunication network.

PSN has been the leading satellite-based Cellular Backhaul services since 2001 to the biggest GSM operators in Indonesia.

Backup-Link dan Bandwidth Upgrade On-Demand

The satellite-based Cellular Backhaul network can be utilized as a backup network to mitigate disruption on submarine communications cable or to upgrade and migrate existing network with improved performance.

Cellular Expansion

With Indonesia’s geographic territories consisting of mountains and seas, the coalescence of satellite and terrestrial network systems to provide sufficient cellular network coverage is still to be perfected. PSN, together with several cellular operators in Indonesia have continued working together in the cellular network expansion using satellite-based technology to ensure connectivity in every part of Indonesia.