VSAT Service Business Solution

VSAT SCPC Dedicated, VSAT IP Broadband

VSAT Service Solution

The most comprehensive and integrated VSAT service solution to support your business in all of Indonesia.

Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) Service is the ideal solution for communication data or internet needs to support businesses by utilizing satellite technology.

PSN VSAT solution helps businesses to reach and connect branch offices anywhere in Indonesia, even in remote areas.

VSAT service enables customers to provide cost-saving, reliable and safe connectivity within the satellite coverage with varied options of services and bandwidth.

VSAT Application

How VSAT can help your business

For Remote Areas

VSAT services are suitable for remote areas, Remote areas (foremost, outermost and lagging regions) where terrestrial network (GSM/4G/Radio/FO) is not available.

Branch Offices Communication

VSAT services enables branch offices in any location to connect with headquarters to support work and communication system between branch offices.

Internet or VPN Access

VSAT provides internet or VPN access services for several locations with flexible bandwidth connection adjustable to business needs.

VSAT Service Solution

Dedicated VSAT or IP Broadband VSAT service

vsat scpc dedicated

VSAT SCPC Dedicated
Single Carrier Per Channel

PSN VSAT SCPC services uses C-band spectrum known for its reliability and high Service Level Agreement (SLA).

By using Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC), this data communication services offers dedicated bandwidth connection for customers with fast, stable and safe guarantee connectivity. VSAT SCPC solution is designed for applications that requires high bandwidth, point-to-point connectivity in symmetrical or asymmetrical configuration.

VSAT SCPC is commonly used for applications that requires high level of reliability and security such as banking, emergency services dan ERP implementation.

Wide Coverage

Wide coverage all over Indonesia

High SLA

High and stable level of service

Dedicated Bandwidth

Dedicated bandwidth up to 100 Mbps

Weather Resistant

Stable and resistant to weather changes

vsat ip broadband ubiqu

VSAT IP Broadband

VSAT IP Broadband services utilizes High Throughput Satellite (HTS) based advanced satellite internet.

UBIQU is the latest VSAT IP Broadband Ku-band VSAT service from PSN that offers broadband connection with smaller antenna device at more affordable prices.

UBIQU is a broadband internet service solution for anywhere in Indonesia including areas without terrestrial communication systems like radio, GSM, cable and optical fiber.

Wide Coverage All Over Indonesia

Wide coverage throughout the Indonesian archipelago from Sumatera to Papua

Broadband Internet Access

Broadband internet access up to 10 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload

Various Subscription Package Options

Various subscription package options with quota or unlimited quota (FUP).

Advanced Satellite Internet Technology

Advanced satellite internet technology with High Throughput Satellite.

Why choose Pasifik Satelit Nusantara?

pasifik satelit nusantara

Pasifik Satelit Nusantara (PSN) is the first private satellite company in Indonesia and one of the five national satellite operators that owns an orbital slot and operates our own satellites.

Experience in Indonesian satellite communication industry for more than 28 years with the biggest satellite capacity in Indonesia.

Privately Owned Satellite

Indonesia satellite operator that owned and operated his satellite.

Licensed Operator

Complete national licenses for Internet Service Provider (ISP), Network Access Provider (NAP), and Closed Telecommunications Network (JARTUP).

24/7 Network Monitor

Customer service and network control with 24x7x365 availability.

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