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Pasifik Satelit Nusantara Milestone

A Brief History of PSN

PT Pasifik Satelit Nusantara (PSN) is the first satellite-based private telecommunications company in Indonesia.

PSN was founded in 1991 with a simple but innovative idea initiated by two satellite experts, namely Mr. Adi Rahman Adiwoso and Mr. Iskandar Alisjahbana.

They understand that satellites have an operational life determined by the satellite manufacturer, but when the satellite is replaced with a new satellite, the old satellite still has fuel left that can be used to extend the life/operation of the satellite if the satellite is operated in an orbital inclination. This idea was successfully implemented on the Palapa B1 satellite, which has finished its working period.

PSN has also collaborated with two partners from the Philippines and Thailand to form a company that provides satellite-based mobile telephony services in Asia-Pacific.

The world of telecommunications has undergone drastic changes and PSN never stops innovating, renewing, and paving the way for this industry-from the technical and business aspects to maintain its position as the best player in the satellite business.

Using VSAT technology, PSN has become one of the satellite-based internet providers in Indonesia.

In 2017, PSN has launched a new product in the form of high-speed broadband internet via satellite at an affordable price that is able to reach areas throughout Indonesia that are not covered by terrestrial networks, with the hope that the internet can be enjoyed anywhere in the country.

Not only that, PSN continues to come up with new ways to serve existing clients as well as new potential customers, by recognizing their current and future needs. PSN will always “broaden the boundaries”.

PSN Milestone

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