Ministry of Communications Work Visit to SATRIA Satellite Ground Station Construction Site in Kupang

Kupang, February 24th 2022 – The Minister of Communications and Informatics of The Republic of Indonesia, Johnny G. Plate reviewed the satellite ground station construction site to support the operational of Multifunctional Satellite (SMF) Indonesia Raya 1 (SATRIA-1) in Bolok, regency of Kupang in Nusa Tenggara Timur. On that occasion Minister Johnny states that with SATRIA-1, the government is one step ahead to complete the Indonesian bridge to space.

Currently in the manufacturing process in Cannes, France by Thales Alenia Space. Several activities are being held in Indonesia. One of them is the construction of Satellite Ground Station that will be placed on 11 locations, Cikarang, Batam, Banjarmasin, Tarakan, Pontianak, Kupang, Ambon, Manado, Manokwari, Timika and Jayapura,explained Minister Johnny while reviewing the construction site for SATRIA-1 Satellite Ground Control Room in Bolok, sub-district of West Kupang.

The Minister of Communication was accompanied by Political Communication Specialist, Philip Gobang; Head of General Bureau, Sensilaus Dore; Head of Balmon Class 1 Radio Frequency of Kupang, Latuse; and Deputy Governor of East Nusa Tenggara, Josef Nae Soi.

Minister Johnny also explained, BAKTI Kominfo and PT Satelit Nusantara Tiga have approached the local government and local figures near the gateway location. This is necessary to give explanation about the direct or indirect benefits that will be obtained from the Satria Project.

The arrival of the Minister of Communication was welcomed by SNT SVP for Satellite Segment, Johanes Indri and SNT SVP for Ground Segment, Hary Nugaraha, who accompanied the Minister throughout the visit.

We hope that this ground station development in Kupang will drive Indonesia towards the digital society by connecting all regions in Indonesia that are remote and isolated from internet access. Kupang is a potential and strategic area and has the infrastructure that we need. We also hope this gateway in Kupang will simulate the youth in Kupang to take part in the information society, hope SNT Senior VP for Satellite Segment, Johanes Indri Priatmodjo.

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